Boat Care Tips For New Owners

Providing effective care and maintenance for a boat can be one of the most challenging and important tasks that a boat owner will need to do. Otherwise, their vessel may not be water worthy, which can lead to safety issues. It can also lead to expensive repairs that may have otherwise been avoided. In particular, properly storing the boat during the offseason is an essential aspect of this.

Prepare The Upholstery

It is common for boats to have extensive upholstery on their interior. This can make it much more comfortable for individuals to ride in it for long periods of time. While this upholstery will be designed to be extremely resistant to suffering water damage, it can still experience wear if it is improperly stored. Prior to placing the boat into storage, all of the upholstery must be thoroughly cleaned and protected with a sealant to reduce the risk of discoloration or mold growing on it. Some individuals will want to cover their upholstery to prevent dust from gathering on it, and while this can be effective, it is important to choose a cover that will not trap moisture between it and the upholstery.

Protect The Engine

The engine of your boat is a powerful machine that must be able to generate intense forces for sustained periods of time. Unfortunately, boat owners will often make mistakes with preparing the boat for storage that will lead to a higher risk of engine damage occurring. As part of the process of preparing the engine for a lengthy storage, all of the fluids in it will have to be drained to prevent them from freezing and rupturing the components or causing corrosion. Additionally, some of the fluids can degrade, which can make them much harder to flush out in the future. When using a professional boat storage service, they will often offer a winterization service that will allow you to outsource this essential part of the process.

Have The Boat Serviced Before Using It Again

During its time in storage, it is possible for your boat or its engine to suffer some wear or other damage. These issues can lead to a sudden engine failure or other problems when you first start using the boat again. Allowing a professional boat mechanic to tune up and service it will ensure you are getting the best performance from your craft when you want to use it. The costs for this type of mechanical work will be low, and it should generally only take a few hours to complete.

For more information about specific boats, such as a Sea Fox, reach out to a local company.

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