A Helpful Guide When Choosing A Kart Stand For Your Street Kart

If you have a street kart, chances are you're going to work on it at some point. To do this safely and effectively, you need a kart stand. Purchasing one of these important tools doesn't have to be difficult if you remember this guide. 


In terms of the condition, you can buy kart stands new or used. With a new stand, you'll pay significantly more money. These extra costs may be worth knowing that your kart has never been used before. It will work as advertised and you won't have to worry about costly damage occurring for a long time.

If you're limited on funds, getting a used kart stand is still a great option. You'll just need to pay more attention to the stand's function and condition before agreeing to purchase it. Test out the stand and ensure all of the parts are free of significant wear and tear. You don't want to cut corners during this inspection, as your safety is essentially on the line when using this stand. 

Weight Capacity 

Street karts can weigh a lot, which is why you need to make absolutely sure whatever kart stand you purchase can fully support your particular kart. Somewhere on the stand's description, there should be a weight capacity limit listed.

Make sure that your kart doesn't exceed this limit because otherwise, you run the risk of structurally comprising the stand and potentially getting injured. If this weight capacity isn't listed, make sure you get this weight limit from the seller. 

Special Features

Kart stands come with a lot of unique features today, and it's important to choose them carefully so that you get the most out of your stand each day. One of the most important features to consider is portability. Having a portable, lightweight kart stand makes it super easy to transport around your workshop or garage.

It also helps to ensure your kart stand comes equipped with a hydraulic foot pump. So to raise the kart off the ground, all you need to do is work this foot pump. This design saves you a lot of time and energy. Finally, look for kart stands with swivel wheels. They'll make this stand easier to navigate around tight corners. 

Kart stands play an important role in helping you keep your street kart in good condition. As long as you assess the right buying factors with these handy stands, you can make the right decision and thus have an easy time working on your kart. For more information, contact your local streeter basic stationary kart stand retailer. 

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