Things To Know Before Buying A Motorcycle

You are finally ready to buy your first motorbike and can't wait for the thrill of the ride. Or maybe you are a seasoned rider, looking for a change.

Here are a few things you need know before you make that purchase:

Type of Bike

The type of bike you buy should be determined by the purpose for which you are buying it.

Let's look at a few different types of bikes.


These are normally low with a laid back. They often have large engines but are not meant for racing.

Sports Bikes

These are high-performance bikes with power and speed. They are not recommended for beginners.

Dual Sport

This bike is ideal for beginners. It is light and has a small engine.  The kx450f motocross from Kawasaki is a great example of a popular dual sports bike (aka a motocross bike).

The Standard Bike

This bike is best for beginners. It offers upright seating and has standard features.

Power & Engine Size

A 600cc bike has enough power. There is no need to go beyond that. The engine capacity of the bike is normally tagged on the name of the brand.

Sitting Posture

With some bikes, you have to crouch while with others, you lean back.

Check the seat height. Ensure you can touch the pavement with both feet. A low seat will be uncomfortable for a tall person and vice versa.


Heavy bikes are better on the highway but difficult to maneuver. Choose a bike that is easy for you pick up in case you drop it.

Used or New?

Used is better for beginners because you are sure to drop it. Also, it will be easier to dispose of in case you change your mind about biking, or in case you find it is not the right fit.

A new bike is recommended if you are not very handy or want the latest technology or model and fewer mechanical problems.


You need to factor in more than the cost of the bike. Also, you'll have to pay for insurance, set-up and delivery fee, if buying from a motorcycle dealer, sales tax, registration title and protective gear.

Final Thoughts

When thinking of buying a motorcycle, you need to consider the type of bike you need, its cost, engine size, sitting posture and whether it's used or new. Once you've decided, visit your motorcycle dealer for a chat.


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